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Helpful Keyboard Computer Shortcuts

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When you tap the ALT button you access all of the menus at the top of your screen,
and all the wonders they contain.
This works for thousands of different programs, including most of the ones that YOU use.

When you tap and release ALT then V, you can tap, for example, the letter X so you can look up to your screen and see a menu offering to change the size of the text that you're viewing. MANY pages on the internet have lettering that's either too small or too large. We can fix it in a blink by tapping ALT, V, X one after the other. Go ahead. Give it a try.

Whether it's creating a form letter or having instant "paste-ability" of a set of actions you repeatedly take, the fact is, there are thousands of shortcuts available to you. WHATEVER your primary interest in a computer is, you only need a few of them to instantly multiply rather than just increase your computer-time productivity. When you can accomplish a 45-minute task in four or five minutes, the proverbial light bulb pops on.

No matter what you use a computer for, it ten or twelve of these shortcuts is all it takes to pretty well master the program. ANY PROGRAM! Whether you take a month to learn these 10 or 12 shortcuts, or learn them in a day, these shortcuts determine precisely how proficient you become at your favorite programs.

Think carefully, it's the only purpose of this page: ten or twelve shortcuts is all you need to double and triple your productivity QUICKLY. Which ten or twelve are best for you are easily determined by whether you are focusing on:

  • documents

  • images   (photos or moving images)

  • sound
That's it, because anything you wish to do comes under those categories, you follow?   Great.

For most of us, even a few shortcuts are all we need for good control of a device that is designed to multiply your own personal/professional productivity.

Knowing what to do is not a tenth of doing what you know.   Not a tenth, not a twentieth.

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